Wednesday, April 15, 2009

A Surreal Month

It has been a month since my last! Sole breadwinner with economic burdens, fears of even more financial hardship, family disharmony, job stress, breakdown in other relationships....take your pick. Anyway, who am I to comment on Thaksin's problems!!??At least he had some Singapore tax dollars in his pockets for his troubles.
Still, the headline news appear less gloomy on the finance front. At least there's less comparison to the Great Depression which few of us have been through.
Perhaps there's a growing realisation that the troubles of the asset-or-cash-rich isn't that interesting anymore. Or maybe it's just denial kicking in.
A friend told me that the least a Singapore parent should do is cut the amount of tuition his children receive and reclaim some of the teaching responsibility instead. If nothing else, the parent-child bond would improve.
What about the grades? "Those who matter won't mind", eh? If all else fails, let's play "Don't Forget the Lyrics" online. Only, the twist is we use the lyrics of different politicians and their failed predictions. Start with the Singapore governments forecase in Jan of -5.5% growth. What's the currently correct lyrics? -9%. Compared with President Obama's lyrics: signs of economic recovery are present. Colour of the lyrics? Purple (for the prose).